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Kris introduced himself as EXO’s Picasso and Chanyeol said “pikachu~

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kris showcasing his famous wave (and the embarrassed spectators)

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25 times Chanyeol makes me fall in love with his voice.

  1. The first time we heard his voice.
  2. History
  3. Two Moons (두 개의 달이 뜨는 밤)
  4. Create Your Smart Style (ft. D.O)
  5. Don’t Go (나비소녀)
  6. 3.6.5
  7. Heart Attack
  8. Baby
  9. My Lady
  10. Lucky
  11. The Star (ft. Baekhyun)
  12. The First Snow (첫 눈; ft. Kai)
  13. Sunny10
  14. Overdose (중독)
  15. Thunder
  16. Run (live)
  17. Baby, Don’t Cry (인어의 눈물; live)
  18. Ring Ding Dong (live)
  19. Loner (live)
  20. Guilty (live; ft. D.O)
  21. Officially Missing You (live)
  22. Nothin’ On You (live; backup for D.O)
  23. Lonely Night (live)
  24. 24 Hours (live)
  25. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (live)




give me light
so tonight
take me there

feel your sun
start to glow
and I know it

Let me show that
I want your love
I need your touch
for the rest of our time together

Come fly with me
You and Me
we were Meant To Be

 - “Alright” by Jamiroquai -



CHAN YEOL + KRIS | © dropp


CHAN YEOL + KRIS | © dropp

what are you two doing?

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a demo made by Kevin Shin and Kris 4 years ago, originally posted by Kevin today, on the day of Kris’s photo teaser anniversary for EXO.

DL | OP | lyrics

Kevin: after all the highs and lows stickin’ through everythin’, now we finally here. this track is from four yrs ago (2009), when everythin’ was in despair. made by kris and i. non commercial purpose. found this gem while cleanin’ out my hard drive. enjoy our younger voices.



So cute ❤️



So cute ❤️

Krisyeol water bottle fight ~

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touchyeol being supportive to his hyung (`・ω・)ω-*) ♡